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Credits and Links

Many credits are due for the information and pictures on this web site. The family tree documentation started in the Gemeente Archief in Rotterdam in the seventies. It covered the Rotterdam branch back to Jabob Marinus (1799). When genealogy data and e-mail made it possible to share and research on the internet it meant some major breakthroughs:
Guus Bayards & Paulien Kegge found many missing Kegge family members in 2007/8  as well as 2010-2011 by systematically going through the phonebook in the Netherlands and talking to over 100 people! They did a great job by publishing the entire Kegge family tree in pdf format. JPB Zuurdeeg (Tholen City Archives) traced the Kegge family back to 1575 (Adriaan Kegge)  Nick Posthumus and offspring of Alida Wilhelmina Kegge provided a lot more details about the Posthumus connection and the period 1697 (Cornelis Kegge) to 1766 (Gerrit Kegge) Jan Dekker who added his Dekker Family research  from 1808  to 1615
Many, many other members of the Kegge, Dekker, Timmers & Blok families who contributed dates, pictures, anecdotes etc. Willem van der Hoek helped with the Blok family

Zeeuwen Gezocht  

Guus Bayards & Paulina Kegge

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