Kegge  Family Tree

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Dekker Sibajak
Oma Dekker (Johanna Theodora Maria Elens 1895)Opa Dekker (Jan Cornelis Dekker 1893)  Greta Dekker (Margaretha M.J. Dekker 1935)Vader van Ger van der PalmDita Dekker-Schilder Vrouw van Theo Dekker 1937)Kees Dekker ~1957 (son of Theo & Dita)Tonnie Dekker-Maissan (wife of Kees Dekker 1932)Ida Dekker-van der Moolen 1915 (Mother of Jan Dekker 1942)Marga Dekker 1954 (dughter of Jan Dekker 1917 & Ida van der Moolen 1915) (Friend of Maria de Blok 1916 & Henk Dekker 1916)Daughter of Friend of Maria de Blok 1916 & Henk Dekker 1916 Kees Dekker 1932 An Dekker 1940 Rob van der Palm (Brother of Ger  van der Palm) Girlfriend of Rob van der Palm (Brother of Ger  van der Palm) Friend of Cornelia Dekker 1941 Brother of Tineke (Friend of Cornelia Dekker 1941)Tineke (girl friend of Cornelia de Blok)Jan Dekker 1917

Many Thanks to Jan & Joke Dekker, who has helped identify many people in this photo
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