Kegge  Family Tree

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Having read “The Seven Daughters of Eve” from Brian Sykes, I was intrigued and wanted to find out to which clan I was related.
This is done by having your DNA tested by Oxford Ancestors. The Mitochondrial DNA is passed on only by the females, therefore all my female blood ancestors and siblings have the same Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA
The result shows that I am a direct descendant of Helena who lived 20,000 years ago in Western Europe

Cornelia Kegge-Dekker

Kegge+Dekker - seven daughters 2 80

7 Daughters
 of Eve

Kegge+Dekker - World Clans Map 80

World Clans

Kegge+Dekker - migration_clans_80

Migration of our  Maternal clans

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